December series

See the image below. On the left side of the picture a GAZ-69M equipped with a 12.7 mm DShK is shown. On the right side you can see a Jeep Willys MD to which a 106 mm M40 recoilless rifle has been fitted.

Model: Soviet Man/Kevin
Skin: gagarin

Jeep Willys MD
Model: Major Pain/Kevin
Skin: gagarin

Landed MiG-21MF/SM

Model: AFG/Kevin
Skin: gagarin

GDR MiG-21MF is shown on the left while USSR MiG-21SM is depicted on the right.

November series!

Gagarin and I have been working on a few models these last few days and here's the result.
On the left you can see some new ZiL's. The model is Jaguar's and mine, while the skin is Gagarin's. A firetruck, a tanker and a few civilian options were developed. On the right you can see the enormous MT-T, both open and closed. The model was done by myself and accurately skinned by gagarin.
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On-Going Work

CSLA 3.0 maps. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Objects (III)

I am adding a lawn mower 2D object which has become useful to me when working on city-like scenarios.

Blitzkrieg 1985

As you may know Blitzkrieg 1985 was a project started by Soviet Man which basically had a similar storyline to CSLA's and that was intended for Blitzkrieg II. The MOD was never released but many of its units were used by Soviet Man and Ice Bear to create CSLA. Ice Bear sent me a package containing the original units, most of which have already been implemented into our MOD. There are a few models still remaining that should be included soon once they are revised, updated, given a final skin and so on. A few months ago, Nephilim posted on Blitz Srbija some old screenshots from that project, which I am sharing here. It's always good to remember where you came from!

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If anyone knows Russian and is willing to translate the footers, his (her) help will be more than welcome!

More gameplays! + Some news...

It's a nice surprise to find out there's still a few gamers out there playing our dearly 16-year-old game and, specially, CSLA. Attached you shall find some videos uploaded by Zefir on his channel. He has also uploaded a bunch of GZM 9.0 gameplays, which may also interest you.

Oh, by the way... This past July I presented my MSc thesis and I finally became an engineer (in Spain we call "ingenieros", literally translated as "engineers", those having a BSc plus a MSc and "ingenieros técnicos" those having a BSc only). In september I am starting my first job. This means that I should have some spare time through out the year to work on the MOD, although other affairs will come out for sure. Anyway, no more exams, study at home an so on... This should help. : )) My friend gagarin is AFK (away from keyboard) for now, but I hope he will be back soon.



Objects (II)

A new barrier as well as a concrete mixer have been added to CSLA. I did both the objects and the 3D meshes they are based on. Fasya, from the GZM team, did the skins for them.