Capture of the radio station

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Model: Soviet Man & Kevin
Skin: gagarin

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SpPZ 2 Luchs A2 in combat

I like this new model by Metallocalypse *a lot* (thanks!!!!). My buddy gagarin did the skin for it. I reworked the animations, although the original ones were not bad (just a matter of taste).

Model: Metallocalypse
Skin: gagarin

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Fighting at night

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ČSLA Download Links Repaired


It seems Blitzkrieg en Español blog is down (unfortunately, it appears to have been deleted, I fear). Also, the contact e-mails seem to have been deleted. While this is sad news for the community, we can just hope the owner is doing fine. Since most of our download links were hosted at that site our visitors have been unable to download the MOD for a few weeks. I am sorry about that. New download links have been set up and the MOD is now hosted at an account of mine.

ČSLA Download Links have thus been repaired and should be fully working at the moment. Let me know if something similar happens in the future and I will try to get the links fixed as soon as possible.



Updated BTR-60PB skin

Hi there!

First of all, I hope you are all staying safe from the COVID-19 pandemic that is being suffered worldwide.

Here's a little update from our recent developments: The BTR-60PB has been given a brand new skin. Its author, as always, is the one and only gagarin. Take a look at it. The comparison between CSLA 2.0's and CSLA 3.0's skins is provided below.

CSLA 2.0

CSLA 3.0

New buildings and objects

Today we have added a bunch of new objects and buildings to CSLA 3.0. All of them have been developed by our comrade gagarin. The buildings include a new town house (designed taking a World War I - Grabenkrieg in Europe game building as the basis) as well as a new garage and static vehicles. The objects include new billboards, playground equipment or new concrete slabs, among others.

As always, images can be enlarged by clicking on them.

New stuff for our Romanian storyline!

Originally posted by AlexTheDacian at Blitz Srbija.


Hello there!

Within these past few weeks, being stuck in my own home [not COVID, thank god, just knee pain], I had time to go through a lot of documents regarding the military equipment of not only SR of Romania, but the Moldavian SSR as well and local Soviet troop placements.

And with a healthy dose of luck and a lot of work, I managed to retexture a couple more USSR units and make some proper additions to the upcoming update. This will be a longer post so bear with me, it won't take too long.

I added some new units to the faction along with some Moldavian remnants. Warning! Heavy quantities of lore incoming!  O_o

After the nukes fell, most of the Moldavian army started deserting and with a healthy group of citizens they started to cross the Prut river into Romania seeking shelter.
The Russian forces seeing this desertion en-masse, started firing on whatever groups they encountered, whenever they were actually going across the river or just reeling from the prospect
of the nuclear rain.

As such, the Provisional Government of the Romanian Republic, started sending whatever troops they had towards the Prut river to help the refugees and the deserting forces. On more than one occasion, brief skirmishes were fought between the Romanian forces [with the help of some Moldavian troops] and the Russian forces culminating with the escalation of conflict all along the border with the Soviet Union.

With most of the Politburo dead, and with no discernible High Command, the local forces comprised of the 14th Guards Army (2 out of 4 divisions capable of fighting), the 32nd Army Corps (257th Tank Regiment and 157th Motor Rifle Division) and the 5th Air Army (with the remnants of the 40th Independent Landing-Assault Brigade) started an incursion into the Romanian territory to prevent further Moldavian troop movements.

With the juggernaut ready to crush any and all oposition, the Romanian forces quickly organized into Combat Groups [Rom.: 'Grupuri de Lupta'] and began the defence of their homeland.


With this lore dump out of the way, let me introduce to you what I've done these past couple of days:

New units (re-textured from existing units):
[and yeah, I know, there's the 'Remants' thing, I was half asleep when I did those]

Part of the National Air Defense System, these few and precious tactical ballistic missiles survived relatively unscathed during the nuclear rain. The Provisional Government at the plea of the Romanian High Command [what's left of it at this point], agreed to move the launchers closer to the Eastern Carpathians to support the defense of the homeland by striking the known Soviet Airbases in the Bessarabian area across the Prut river.

Most of the deserting Moldavians managed to escape by the use of the MT-LB armored carriers, lightly armored, relatively spacious (11 passengers inside plus some on the roof of the carrier) and capable of crossing the Prut river. This piece of equipment helped in transporting the bulk of the Moldavian Armed Forces and the civilians across the river under fire from Soviet forces until the Romanian Air Force MiG-21s arrived and covered the crossing.

When the bulk of the Moldavian army deserted, they took whatever they could've taken. From armored carriers to tanks to AA missile systems and guns. The most efficient of them all, the 9K35 Strela-10 proved the saving grace as it held off most of the Soviet air attack on the various groups that were converging on the Prut river. The most notable event was at Leuşeni where the bridge was destroyed by the two Mi-24s that were now poised to kill whatever soldier or civilian dared to come close to the former crossing point. One lonely 9K35 managed to trick the helicopters into a hasty retreat after painting with infrared. The SAM system had no ammo, as it left in a hurry from the nearby military base to position itself near the former bridge, and now waited for a truck to bring up the missiles.

As Kishinev burned inside a radioactive mushroom, a surviving group of soldiers on the outskirts of the former capital of the Moldavian SSR climbed their self-propelled howitzers and started the desertion movement by shooting the local commissar's bureau and killing his Soviet guards. By doing this, they inspired the citizens to pack up and find their way towards the Prut river, to the safe heaven of their brothers. This group would be known as 'Anatoly's Hail' after the convoy they were part of was attacked by a Soviet mechanized company. They provided accurate fire support and destroyed most of the incoming BMP-1s.  After the crossing of the Prut they would form the core of the newly organized Independent Moldavian Self-Propelled Artillery Battalion.

Initially, the Moldavian forces didn't had access to advanced armored equipment, but as the deserters began to increase in numbers, a lot of tanks were taken from the military bases, the Soviet crewmen being arrested and thrown into the jail. One of these tanks is the T-64BV, a somewhat advanced tank, an obvious upgrade compared to the old aging T-55 tanks. Most convoys en-route to the Prut river, were escorted by these MBTs, smashing blockades and covering the advance of the soft-skinned vehicles transporting both soldiers and civilians. One notable event can be placed during the dash to Prut river, when a platoon of T-64BV tanks held off a Russian attack on the town of Cahul. The crewmen held the town for two days, giving a chance to almost 20000 civilians and one infantry regiment to cross the river to the relative safety of their neigbouring country.

As of right now, the unit count for the Romanian faction [with these Moldavian vehicles included] is at a total of 54. They are divided in:
- 6 artillery units (the SCUD-B is considered one)
- 23 auto units
- 4 aviation units
- 3 SPG units (still wondering if the Strela-10 should be considered as AFV or SPG ??? )
- 18 various AFVs ranging from Tanks to IFVs to APCs

Kevin jokingly said:

 "The romanian army will have more units than the czech one 😋"

A lot of these units haven't been shared with you, as I'm not currently too happy with their textures. That's why I'm doing a rework of most of their textures. This consists of textures for broken windows for the wrecks, more dirt and wear for the vehicles, screws for the planes, you name it. To give you a nice example of how it makes them a little more appealing I'll just give you this:

Plus I've started working on the winter textures too because I know there are people who like winter battles:

With the addition of this faction, I saw as necessary to increase the variation of the already existing simple objects. Variation as in: flags, plastic barrel colors, camo tents, you name it.
Here are a couple of them, mostly changed hue and saturation.

Also, before I forget [even now I'm still half-asleep, these meds take their toll on me], I've started testing a new effect with the purpose of enhancing the feel of CSLA. This burning effect will be used for the already destroyed buildings and wrecks to better simulate a warzone. As I want it to be permanent (or at least for an hour or so), I'm still making modifications to it. Here's a screenshot testing it:

Also [this is the 2nd one], I've made some changes to the T-34-85's 85mm gun [don't worry Kevin, I've made a copy of the weapon 😄] as it was firing too fast, considering the cramped interior of the tank and the caliber size. Now it fires slower.

This is it for now, more stuff will be shared in the coming days. So until then, stay tuned, stay safe and stay happy. 😉