[CSLA 2.0 - DOWNLOAD] Donetsk Airport (Multiplayer)

Title: [Donetsk] Airport (Aeropuerto [de Donetsk] in Spanish).
Author: Bricks (from here). Youtube channel.
Mod version: CSLA 2.0/CSLA 2.0.1
Parties involved: USA - CCCP
Map Size: 18x18
Maximum number of guests: 6
Reinforcements' delay: 3/300/600/900/1200/1500/1800 seconds
Aircraft: No

Install it in your Run/ModsCSLA 2.0/Data folder.

[CSLA 2.0] A must play! (III)

More Youtube gameplays posted by 전략게임작전사령부TV on his channel.

Tank battle in the Ready to Burn map:


 Fulda Gap gameplay:

Vielsalm (multiplayer edit):


Rainy day (multiplayer edit):

[CSLA 2.0 - DOWNLOAD] Hamburg (Multiplayer)

Title: Hamburg (Hamburgo in Spanish).
Author: Bricks (from here). Youtube channel.
Mod version: CSLA 2.0/CSLA 2.0.1
Parties involved: Czechoslovakia - West Germany
Map Size: 14x14
Maximum number of guests: 4
Reinforcements' delay: 5/10/15/20/25/30
Aircraft: Reconnaissance/Interceptor/Attacker

Install it in your Run/ModsCSLA 2.0/Data folder.

I want to thank Bricks for sharing his map with me. I also thank him and the rest of the 'Napeolics Wars' community for their great CSLA gameplays.

[CSLA 2.0] A must play! (II)

More Youtube gameplays posted by 전략게임작전사령부TV on his channel.

Battle of Hamburg (That's a new map. I am looking forward to contacting its author).

 Rainy day

Ready to burn:

Vielsalm (Multiplayer map):

SA-8 Gecko in-game:

Map under development!

A few days ago, Denis posted on Blitz Srbija a few WIPs from a map he is currently working on for CSLA 3.0! So far we know it's going to be 20x20, but we don't know anything else...


Update on the to-do list (02/05/2017)

Phase A features:

If new models are completed they will be added inmediately.


Phase B will follow and it should feature:

-Increase infantry's HP (+5 HP or something).
-Increase light armoured and non-armoured vehicles HP. Add some armour to all of them. (A few HP ¿5, 10, 15? and 1 or 2 points or armour).
-Update track's lifetime and tone depending on the weight of the vehicles.
-Slightly increase turret's and track's rotating time. (Again? Maybe I will only do the second thing.) Decrease heavy weaponry reloading frequency.
-Increase infantry's AT weaponry reload time. (Just a little bit.)
-Revise the 25mm and 20mm guns.
-Decrease wheeled vehicles (specially civilian cars') speed.
-Dustshoot effect for the tanks and spg.
-AI Price and repair cost.
-Recon. vehicles SightPower. (< 1, but more than snipers).
-Revise heavies and medium's HP.
-Revise rotating speed for trucks and cars.
-Revise engineering units. Some of them cannot build trenches.

Phase C, mapping:

-'Nacht' scenario is ready. Only unit placing and scripting is needed.
-Joseph Porta was working on one map. That map?
-I've got, at least, two maps half-done.
-One or two Iran-Iraq maps created by gagarin?
-There's one map completely ready which was created from an AFGs map.

ZiL-157 AA (ZU-23-2)

New model! It's based on the ZU-23-2 and the ZiL-157 we posted some time ago.

CSLA's community (II)

Since I resumed the work on CSLA a little bit and I felt motivated by the videos I recently found (I don't do very deep searches, but just write down 'CSLA Blitzkrieg' or something like that in the web browser), I decided to go on with my 'investigation' and check if CSLA 2.0 had been tested else where. And I found this (It's not the first time it happens [click here]). It seems like a big (and, to me, a little bit weird and difficult to understand) dynamic forum and I assume there's no way to get in touch with the author (indeed, the link itself directs you to some sort of web storage and not the original website itself).

Just in case, if the author ever reads these message, let me say thank you for your work and encourage you to share your maps with the Blitzkrieg community.

Here are the pictures I saved :)

Links deleted

It seems some of the webpages we were linking to are now down. Those include Blitzkrieg Italia, Blitzkrieg Units DB and Wolfspace forum. The links to these webpages have been deleted.

If you get to know their domain has changed or if they just were down temporally, please, let me know. If they are definitely gone, well, good-bye! This would be sad news...

Land Rover Defender 110

Model: Soviet Man's database/Kevin
Skin: gagarin

Model extrated from Soviet Man's database. The UV Map, the animations and other minor corrections are mine. The skin is gagarin's.

The model should have been released last summer, but it lacked one 'death skin', so I waited until it was completed to make the release. The series include a red civilian model, a military version and a military ambulance version.

[CSLA 2.0] A must play!

Today I found some Youtube gameplays posted by 전략게임작전사령부TV on his channel and I was really happy to see people still play CSLA 2.0. There's even 30-minutes long 2vs2 game in the multiplayer version of the 'Motherland's Defence' map.

 Enjoy them :)


Mutiplayer gameplay of 'Motherland's Defence'


Singleplayer gameplay of 'Fulda Gap'

Multiplayer gameplay of 'Rainy Day' (?!)