T-80B Updated

Its size was changed to be more accurate, some small details were added to it and its texture was updated.

ČSLA 3.0 . Romanian landscapes

Originally by AlexTheDacian at BlitzSrbija.

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ČSLA 3.0 - New Nation Teaser

Originally posted by AlexTheDacian at BlitzSrbija.

[Re-upload] Fixed audio - No more clipping

It's been quite a while since I joined the amazing people of BlitzSrbija forum. One group in particular has done an amazing job. The ČSLA Developer Team has brought Blitzkrieg, from a WWII era to the Cold War and Modern Day, adding numerous modern vehicles and equipment along with some incredible objects and buildings.

With the goal of releasing the future ČSLA 3.0 update, the devs talked me into joining their ranks and making new missions and even perhaps helping in adding a new country to this mod.

As such, here I present to you the teaser for the new nation being added into ČSLA: Romania.

It may not be much, but it's a start. The background song was made using some amazing samples and loops from the Looperman Community, to be more precise:

- minor2go, his strings are just, amazing

- Anubis, the drums and percussion, perfect

More details on the development of Romania in ČSLA can be found here: http://alexthedacian.c1.biz/

So, until next time, stay healthy, stay safe and above else, stay happy.

Cheers! ;)