December series

See the image below. On the left side of the picture a GAZ-69M equipped with a 12.7 mm DShK is shown. On the right side you can see a Jeep Willys MD to which a 106 mm M40 recoilless rifle has been fitted.

Model: Soviet Man/Kevin
Skin: gagarin

Jeep Willys MD
Model: Major Pain/Kevin
Skin: gagarin

Landed MiG-21MF/SM

Model: AFG/Kevin
Skin: gagarin

GDR MiG-21MF is shown on the left while USSR MiG-21SM is depicted on the right.

November series!

Gagarin and I have been working on a few models these last few days and here's the result.
On the left you can see some new ZiL's. The model is Jaguar's and mine, while the skin is Gagarin's. A firetruck, a tanker and a few civilian options were developed. On the right you can see the enormous MT-T, both open and closed. The model was done by myself and accurately skinned by gagarin.
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On-Going Work

CSLA 3.0 maps. Click on the images to enlarge them.