New objects

Here are some new SimpleObjects I made for CSLA 3.0. Both the 'models' and 'skins' were made by myself, Kevin. Once the models are mapped and painted I take screenshots from them in several different positions in order to obtain the objects in the game's isometric view. Finally, I pixel-by-pixel task is performed in order to remove the background.

MIM-72 / M48 Chaparral

Model: Jaguar/Kevin
Skin: gagarin

BTR 152 K (Syrian Army)

Model: Soviet Man/Kevin
Skin: gagarin

MiG-21 MF (Egyptian Air Force)

Model: AFG/Kevin
Skin: gagarin

M548A1 & M548G

Model: Jaguar/Kevin
Skin: gagarin

Please, click on the images to enlarge them: They are not posted in their original size.

[TDA-CMC] Mil Mi-1 Helicopter Patch

/!\ This is not part of the CSLA project

I have been playing TDA (Cuban Missile Crisis/The Day After) lately and I noticed two glitches in the recon Mil Mi-1 Helicopter. It does not affect the gameplay, but it makes its flight look quite bad. The bugs/glitches were as follows:

    - The main rotor did not pivot properly.
    - The secondary/tail rotor was not visible from one of the sides.

I did not make a new model but corrected the existing one. I hope it turns out useful for you :).

Model before correction:

Model after correction:


Author: Kevin

Please, note the following:

    * The patch does only edit the 1.mod and 1.xml files.
    * The USSR and China models are corrected.
    * This patch can also be used when playing CMC: Ice Crusade.

New TPz. 1 Fuchs

Model: Jaguar/Kevin
Skin: gagarin