[CSLA 2.0 - DOWNLOAD] Hamburg (Multiplayer)

Title: Hamburg (Hamburgo in Spanish).
Author: Bricks (from here). Youtube channel.
Mod version: CSLA 2.0/CSLA 2.0.1
Parties involved: Czechoslovakia - West Germany
Map Size: 14x14
Maximum number of guests: 4
Reinforcements' delay: 5/10/15/20/25/30
Aircraft: Reconnaissance/Interceptor/Attacker

Install it in your Run/ModsCSLA 2.0/Data folder.

I want to thank Bricks for sharing his map with me. I also thank him and the rest of the 'Napeolics Wars' community for their great CSLA gameplays.

[CSLA 2.0] A must play! (II)

More Youtube gameplays posted by 전략게임작전사령부TV on his channel.

Battle of Hamburg (That's a new map. I am looking forward to contacting its author).

 Rainy day

Ready to burn:

Vielsalm (Multiplayer map):

SA-8 Gecko in-game:

Map under development!

A few days ago, Denis posted on Blitz Srbija a few WIPs from a map he is currently working on for CSLA 3.0! So far we know it's going to be 20x20, but we don't know anything else...


Update on the to-do list (02/05/2017)

Phase A features:

If new models are completed they will be added inmediately.


Phase B will follow and it should feature:

-Increase infantry's HP (+5 HP or something).
-Increase light armoured and non-armoured vehicles HP. Add some armour to all of them. (A few HP ¿5, 10, 15? and 1 or 2 points or armour).
-Update track's lifetime and tone depending on the weight of the vehicles.
-Slightly increase turret's and track's rotating time. (Again? Maybe I will only do the second thing.) Decrease heavy weaponry reloading frequency.
-Increase infantry's AT weaponry reload time. (Just a little bit.)
-Revise the 25mm and 20mm guns.
-Decrease wheeled vehicles (specially civilian cars') speed.
-Dustshoot effect for the tanks and spg.
-AI Price and repair cost.
-Recon. vehicles SightPower. (< 1, but more than snipers).
-Revise heavies and medium's HP.
-Revise rotating speed for trucks and cars.
-Revise engineering units. Some of them cannot build trenches.

Phase C, mapping:

-'Nacht' scenario is ready. Only unit placing and scripting is needed.
-Joseph Porta was working on one map. That map?
-I've got, at least, two maps half-done.
-One or two Iran-Iraq maps created by gagarin?
-There's one map completely ready which was created from an AFGs map.