Another URAL 375D

That's another URAL 375D modification gagarin and I worked on lately. It'a cargo one and it features the 3D passangers, 11 animations, spinning wheels...

Model: Soviet Man/Kevin
Skin(s): gagarin

PS: The URAL series received new sounds :)

URAL 375D with marks

Some 'fast' work from gagarin with nice results:

This marking is used for the identification from the air and at some certain distance from the ground. 

It's applied in the former Soviet Union, in internal conflicts of the member states of the Warsaw Pact, such as the suppression of the armed conflict in the Asgardsky archipelago, with variations in the first Chechen campaign (separatists), and it is currently used Ukrainian armed forces, on Dombas.

CSLA fine tunning update!

 As posted on our topic in the Blitz Srbija forum:
OK, time for some small news. I've checked the infantry files in CSLA 2.0 and added summer and winter skins to those who were missing them: I just copied the files and renamed them, but that should prevent the game from crashing when civilian files (for example) are placed in an hipotetical Africa map. Dumb, but it had to be done.
Also, now grenades are displayed as secondary in the ammo count, so that you can see how many grenades and how many bullets your unit has. That doesn't really change the firing priority as far as I've been able to check.
I revised the ammo count and reloading price in some of the units, too.

It's not an important task, but fine tunning must not be forgotten and small details sometimes matter :) (I think specially the one with the ammo count which, as far as I know, it doesn't work that way in the vanilla game).

Next steps concerning the infantry are adding the last feldgrau's skins and the Iran and Iraq infantry. Those are not really complicated tasks, but I've felt lazy about those for years!

UAZ-452 Series (2016)

Model/Model: Soviet Man/Kevin
Skin: gagarin

Renewed Gepard A1!

gagarin has worked on improved shoot effects and a new sound for CSLA's (and OPFOR's Gepard A1). He has updated the texture too (the green one). The model has been updated too, and now it has got a rotating radar, rotating wheels and a volumetric caterpillar (I did animations pretty similar to the original ones in order to preserve Soviet Man's work).

Oh, and the Gepard A1 now features smoke launchers ;)

Model - Soviet Man/Kevin
Skins - Ice Bear and gagarin

I have decided to keep the old brown skin too, as we did in CSLA 2.0, since in a way to preserve the original essence of the unit, to give some variety to the mod and as a sign of respect towards the original creators. I think no one will mind having an extra unit with a different skin. :)

URAL series got new skins!

Gagarin renewed some of the URAL (and BM-21) trucks' skins.

Milk Tank

Modelo/Model: ??? (Provided by gagarin)/Kevin
Skin: gagarin

9K72 'Elbrus' SS1 SCUD

Modelo/Model: Soviet Man/Kevin
Skin: gagarin

This one is cool. We had to deal with difficult skinning and animating tasks this time! But the result pleases us, so here it's for you.

Revised 2S3 'Akatsia'

Modelo/Model: Soviet Man/Kevin
Skin: gagarin

Updated model to new standards, with a new skin, volumetric caterpillar, rotating wheels and new details suggested by gagarin.

That's not exactly a 2S3 Akatsia...

Updated MiG-21s

The models were already ready last summer, but I've just included them/checked their .xml values so that they fit in CSLA 3.0.

We have replaced the old MiG-21BIS (the new one is an old AFG model which I have updated with a new skin done by gagarin) and the old MiG-21MF for the Czech army. We have also included a new MiG-21SM, which is basically the same 3D mesh as the MiG-21MF, with Russian voices and skins.